The Benefits of Camel Milk

  • Human mother’s milk
Camel’s milk is the closest to human mother’s milk. Camel and human milk samples (twenty individuals’ samples each) were analyzed for fat, total protein (casein, whey protein), lactose, minerals as well as vitamins; B1, B2, niacin and C. Results indicated that camel milk contained higher fat, protein (especially casein), ash, Ca, Mg, P, K, Na, Fe, and Cu. It can be concluded that camel milk can be considered as a good food of high nutritive and therapeutic applications
  • Diabetes
According to lead researcher Dr. R.P. Agrawal, 500 ml of raw, fresh camel milk daily improves the lives of type-1 diabetics due to an insulin-like protein which is covered by fatty layer to protect it against stomach acids that is does not coagulate in stomach and absorbed rapidly.
  • Diabetic Wound Healing

Diabetic mice that received camel milk whey protein showed accelerated closure and healing in their wounds. Compared to those who did not get the milk. The group consuming camel milk also had fewer free radicals and inflammatory compounds.

  • Allergies

Like a Human milk, Camel milk does not contain (β Lacto-globulin, nor β Casein) these 2 types of proteins are present in cow’s, goat’s milk that is the main cause of cow’s milk allergy in children. Daily progress reports indicated that all eight childrenCAMEL MILK BENEFITS fully recovered from their allergies with no side effects. In fact, researchers thinking that Disease-fighting immunoglobulins in camel milk were play a key role in reducing allergic symptoms.

Camel milk safe for children: Gulf News reported that studies done by Pediatric Allergy-Immunology Clinics of the Hamad Medical Corporation showed that children with allergy to cow's milk can safely take camel's milk.