Natural Superfood.

Straight from the UAE Desert. Made from 100% Fresh Camel Milk.

Camelait Camel milk is naturally produced without antibiotics, synthetic growth hormones and without any toxic pesticides. The love for our camels has been in our blood for centuries. The gift from desert preservation we have transferred into the Camel Milk Powder - known as the Natural Superfood, due to its many health benefits. Camelait has a rich flavor, creamy texture and beautiful aroma.

Rich in Calcium, Low in Fat. Naturally boosting the immune system due to high level of natural probiotics.

Why Camelait

Zero Adulteration

Milk powder comes from our own dairy farm and is not collected from unknown sources, ensuring 100% purity.

Grow Our Own Feed

Al Ain Farms are poised for the international consumption of camel milk within 1500 camels. With growing
awareness, Camel Milk is viewed exceptionally for its nutritional content.
Grown with love, we preserve the legacy of Sheikh Zayed by being the only local dairy company to produce camel milk.

No Human Contact

With its farm, parlor, plant and factory all located in one central area to guarantee integrity of product from the camels to the consumer, within 24 hours our products reach the customers straight from our farms. Full automatic mechanization without human contact.